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CSI Catalyst

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The Centre for Social Innovation Catalyst is a crowd-funding platform that allows social entrepreneurs to call on a dynamic community of social innovators for funding and support of projects that benefit both people and the planet. It is the only crowd-funding platform that is place-based. The shared spaces, services, and programming aim to accelerate the success of project creators.

The Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund

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The Ontario Catapult Microloan Fund is designed to help promising social entrepreneurs and innovators with low interest loans of $5,000-$25,000. These loans are made possible by a partnership between the Centre for Social Innovation, the Province of Ontario, Alterna Savings, Microsoft Canada, TD Bank Group, KPMG, and Social Capital Partners.

Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund

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Youth Social Innovation (YSI) Capital Fund connects young social entrepreneurs with impact investors in order to drive the creation of social enterprises that are financially and environmentally sustainable.

Summer Company

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Brampton’s Small Business Enterprise Centre’s Summer Company offers both seed funding to start a summer business, as well as, advice and mentorship from local business leaders. Through this program, youth can develop transferable skills as small business managers, such a sales, marketing, invoicing, bookkeeping, and customer service.

Funding Portal™ Search Tool

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The RIC Centre’s Funding Portal™ Search Tool enables access to more than 4,500 government funding programs and 2,500 sources of private financing.

Canada Business Network

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Canada Business Ontario is a source for information on government services for business in Ontario, from start-up and financing, to growth and regulatory compliance. It also offers networking events featuring representatives from various federal and provincial government organizations.

Mars Centre For Impact Investing

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The Mars Centre for Impact Investing is a social finance hub and project incubator. It acts as a neutral collaboration space for individuals in all sectors: community, private and government, in order to mobilize private capital for public good.

MaRSDD Impact8

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MaRS Centre for Impact Investing’s Impact8 venture bootcamp and acceleration program targets high-impact entrepreneurs with blended value propositions: social enterprises, social purpose businesses. Impact8 leverages the skills and expertise of the MaRSDD community to deliver targeted workshops and skills development, one-to-one advisory services, mentorship, networking opportunities, peer learning, community profile, investor introductions and pitch opportunities.

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