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Become a Mentor

Collaboration is at the core of the fuse community.

fuse is more than a network, it is also a teaching and learning platform accessible to all fuse members.

who can become fuse mentor?

A fuse mentor is anyone who wants to share knowledge about social innovation and social enterprise. From entrepreneurial to artistic, every skill set can be shared.

what does it mean to be a fuse mentor?

Fuse mentors are easily identifiable within the fuse community. Mentors can reach out to members and contribute to ideas as leaders.

Fuse mentors can upload e-courses, including a full course curriculum, online assignments and quizzes.

Fuse mentors can also host in-person workshops and promote these events to members of the fuse community.

Become an Mentor

Send us your contact information if you are interested in becoming a mentor and we will be in touch to help you get started.

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